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Meet Our Design Experts at AIA-AAJ



On October 29, the American Institute of Architects kicks off its 2017 Academy of Architecture for Justice conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our leaders in criminal justice design will be on-hand to share their expertise. 

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CGL Justice Leaders Head to ICPA

October 22-27, esteemed members of the global corrections community gather in London for the International Corrections and Prisons Association’s 19th Annual Conference.

This year’s conference focuses on “Innovation in Rehabilitation: Building Better Futures,” and features an impressive array of expert panels and speakers, including CGL justice leaders Stephen A.

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Costa Rica Comprehensive Care Units Represent a Change in Culture for Prison System

A new video released by the Inter-American Development Bank showcases Costa Rica’s new Comprehensive Care Units (Unidades de Atención Integral or “UAI”).

The units were envisioned as self-sufficient correctional facilities intended to function as rehabilitation centers. By providing dignified environments, humane conditions of confinement, and a variety of programs and services, these facilities strive to create a normative environment where inmates are afforded an opportunity for self-help and personal growth, educational and vocational skills development, and job readiness.

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How to Save $2.5 Million On Justice Facility Maintenance

How do we know? Gregory Westbrook has more than 17 years of dynamic and diverse facilities operations experience and comes from both operations and instruction backgrounds, relating to complex engineering environments, enhanced building performance, increased productivity, and cost efficiencies.


Underfunding corrections and detentions support systems over the past 5 years has created a culture of minimum performance that, while necessary to get through a recession, is not sustainable from an operations perspective.

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CGL Announces New Office Facility in Atlanta to Accommodate Expanded Operations

After nearly 20 years in its Fayetteville, Ga. location, CGL announces the opening on October 2, 2017 of its new office at 1903 Phoenix Blvd., Ste. 250 in Atlanta to fulfill the needs dictated by ever-growing business and operations.

CGL’s new office will feature unique spaces to help clients and employees benefit from CGL’s 43 years of criminal justice and facility solutions experience.

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7 Reasons for Performing a Staffing Assessment

How do we know? CGL’s corrections facility authority, Ken McGinnis, served for eight years as the Director of the Michigan Department of Corrections. As a Senior Vice President for CGL for the past four years, Ken has performed 16 staffing studies of local and state correctional facilities.

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CGL Providing Design Services for New Youth Justice Center in Victoria, Australia

CGL, teamed with HDR Architects and Aurecon, is providing design consulting services for the new youth justice center in Victoria, Australia.

The team will work closely with the Department of Justice and Regulation to develop innovative design and masterplan solutions for the new high-security facility. Set to open in 2021, the justice center will have a strong focus on rehabilitation, with an important security overlay.

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Dr. Marayca López Presents at International Workshop

Lopez workshop

Senior Corrections Analyst and Planner Dr. Marayca López recently travelled to El Salvador for an international workshop focused on the use of electronic security devices in criminal justice. Invited as an expert advisor, Marayca presented on the use of electronic monitoring in North America, with a focus on best practices in the USA.

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