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Dropped Calls: Cellphones in Prisons

In his latest installment of “Trendspotting,” Stephen discusses the importance of exploring non-traditional approaches when addressing the controversial balance between security and communication in correctional environments.

Cellphones in Prison - Stephen Carter for Correctional News

Check out “Cellphones in Prisons” in the May/June 2018 issue of Correctional News Magazine.

Stephen Carter is often engaged by governmental agencies to develop analytically based studies and build consensus for a variety of project types ranging from courthouses to correctional institutions to law enforcement installations. His comprehensive experience in all sectors of the justice system assists clients in realizing the functional linkages between the various components. Stephen's personal reputation and strong dedication to corrections are further exemplified by his active participation in the international corrections community. He is frequently called upon by government and institutional organizations to share his knowledge and insight of realistic and efficient approaches to meeting the unique needs of correctional service.