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5 KPIs for Criminal Justice Facility Maintenance Programs

We all know deferred maintenance leads to work backlogs. We know backlogs decrease equipment performance, increase energy use, and make costs rise.

This is not new information. Today’s criminal justice leaders and facility owners are all too familiar with this situation. But as we start to tackle the immense deferred maintenance debt plaguing our criminal justice infrastructure across the country, and we struggle to prioritize growing corrective maintenance demands with shrinking budgets, we must not lose sight of the big picture. Failing to learn from our past will doom us to repeat it.

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Charles R. Jonas U.S. Courthouse Celebrates 100 Years, Annex Groundbreaking


Charles R Jonas US Courthouse Anniversary and Annex Ground Breaking

(Pictured) CHARLOTTE, NC – The Western District of North Carolina Federal Judges and United States General Services Administration (GSA) celebrate the 100th anniversary of the historic Charles R. Jonas U.S. Courthouse and the groundbreaking of the courthouse modernization and annex project.

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An Ounce of Prevention: Reducing Life Cycle Costs with Preventive Maintenance Programs

When it comes to facility maintenance, preventive maintenance plans are imperative to help facilities last longer and cost less to operate over their entire lifecycle. Compared to corrective maintenance or deferred maintenance (“kicking the can down the road,” so to say) preventive maintenance programs provide a sensible, proactive approach to facility maintenance.

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Embrace Expertise, Continue with Confidence – Lt. Col. Roy C. Witham on Choosing the Right Owner’s Representative

Selecting an Owner’s Representative with the right expertise can be the difference between success and failure.

As Chief of Operations for the Richmond City Justice Center, Lieutenant Colonel Roy C. Witham faced a significant challenge – oversee the successful delivery of the City’s new $135M justice facility to replace the rundown and overcrowded Richmond City Jail.

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Correctional System Reviews: 5 Questions Every Agency Needs to Consider

How do we know? Operations and management expert Karl Becker has over 30 years of experience in criminal justice system planning for federal, state, and local criminal justice agencies. Particular areas of expertise include program and operational performance assessment, cost-benefit analysis, and system master planning. Karl’s analyses have helped to frame key policy choices for decision-makers faced with growing detention populations and limited resources.

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The Bondage of Decay

I recently attended a lecture entitled “The Bondage of Decay.” You’d be forgiven for thinking it had something to do with the arrival of a milestone birthday, or was the fire and brimstone message of a concerned vicar. But in reality, the talk focused on one of the challenges facing security and electronic contractors and manufacturers.

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Expert Panelists Weigh In On the Future of NYC Jails

On December 6, the Architecture for Justice Committee of the American Institute of Architect’s New York Chapter hosted an event on “The Future of NYC Jails”, and an extremely qualified panel of experts on the subject gathered to discuss their visions and current plans.

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