When Performance Matters

CGL’s Solution for the
Judicial Council of California

When it comes to providing facility maintenance to justice systems, we understand that performance matters – both in service quality as well as efficiency. As a leading provider of contracted facilities management solutions for justice-related building owners, we believe our team is best suited to support the Judicial Council of California in providing contracted maintenance services that extend the life and investment of its property.

How We Benefit the JCC

CGL is the only firm to deliver contracted facility maintenance services to multiple state agencies and statewide systems dedicated to the administration of justice and have provided justice consulting services to 32 of California’s 58 counties. Our extensive background and management structure allow the JCC the following benefits:

  • High Service Standard

    Because we utilize our own in-house staff, our team has the ability to set a high-performance standard and train our teams to deliver consistent, reliable & superior service.

  • Faster Response Time

    Our tiered service approach allows us to streamline efficiency and focus on facility level performance. Our on-site personnel are supported by our corporate and technical resources so we can best deliver proactive services and self-perform most work. This structure ensures fast and effective responses, keeping courthouses continuously available to the public.


  • Uninterrupted Operations

    Our people work in judicial facilities every day. We schedule our work around your operations so we can work inconspicuously, and you can operate without disruption, making the experience positive for all facility occupants.

  • Customized Maintenance Solutions

    We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all maintenance approach. Utilizing our best practices in providing statewide multi-site maintenance for justice systems, we will work with the JCC to develop comprehensive preventive and reactive maintenance programs customized to meet the needs of each courthouse environment.

  • Real-Time Data to Drive Accountability & Performance

    Our team utilizes real-time data and a disciplined approach that ensure our assessments and recommendations are grounded in and supported by true current conditions. By aggregating data from multiple systems into one view, we can provide staff and management with the confidence they need to make the right decisions when it matters.

  • Buildings that Last

    Because CGL takes a holistic view that yields the lowest total cost of ownership, we are able to provide a proactive preventative maintenance program that reduces deferred maintenance. Through this approach, we can ensure that the JCC’s interests are protected long-term and that each facility is maintained to last.

Meet Our Justice Experts

Our team has worked in and alongside criminal justice agencies, dedicating our careers to understanding the complexities and unique nature of the justice system. We have hand-selected each member for this project to provide the JCC with the most comprehensive body of subject matter expertise.

Our Regional Approach for JCC

Our three service tiers are set up to deliver outstanding service to the JCC and each courthouse client:

  • COURTHOUSE TIER - On-site Self-Performed Maintenance Services
  • DISTRICT TIER - Maintenance Service District consisting of multiple courthouse clients
  • HOME OFFICE TIER - Centralized Management Services

BANCRO Locations

NCRO Locations

All Locations

Additional Resources for the JCC

Focusing on judicial buildings and everything that makes them work enables our team to implement proactive plans that extend the building’s life and maximize the return on your capital investments. While you consider CGL as your facility maintenance partner for the JCC, take a look at some of our helpful tools and insights.