Our Company

At CGL, we use our decades of experience to create the most well-rounded program for each challenge. Our personalized service approach ensures that every client’s needs are answered with dynamic, creative, and practical solutions that serve the public need and last for generations. 

Our experts provide undivided attention to each project, taking into consideration the surrounding community and ensuring each result serves the public need beyond expectation. With a single point of contact from project launch to completion, we provide efficient and consistent communication in order to develop superior solutions to our clients’ specific needs.

This attention to detail and community involvement creates inherent value in our projects, while helping clients pinpoint cost-saving opportunities through project management. The end result is a reliable, useful, and high-quality facility or operation. 

CGL has provided a World of Solutions for

  •  22 countries
  •  50 states
  •  900+ counties and municipalities
  • 1,900+ total projects