Our History

A look at our rich history:


Carter Goble Associates (CGA) founded to offer a planning approach that guides clients through the complex integration of planning, designing, constructing, and occupying new and renovated criminal justice facilities.

As it grew, CGA integrated architects and facility designers to enhance its service offerings with the founding of CGA Facility Services. This architectural design group offered CGA’s clients continuity of service, carrying them beyond the planning phase of a project. This comprehensive array of planning services could be applied totally or selectively in the development of flexible, cohesive, and realistic plans.


Lee Design & Management Group (LDMG) was founded to provide program management services to local and national clients for public facility construction, focusing on criminal justice buildings. LDMG’s projects ranged from $1 million to $122 million in construction costs and services and were often provided under extreme budget pressures and schedule limitations. LDMG’s program management projects included water and sewer projects, public building renovations, and construction of new buildings or additions to existing structures. LDMG also integrated maintenance services to provide knowledgeable feedback about maintainability early in the project planning phase.


Lee Engineering and Management Group, Inc. (LEMG) was formed as the first business in the United States solely focused on contract maintenance for corrections or justice facilities. LEMG’s groundbreaking experience with founding, starting, and developing a specialized maintenance system specific to corrections environments provided clients the technical resources accumulated from experiences in more than 40 facilities across the United States.


Carter Goble Associates, CGA Facility Services, Lee Design & Management Group, and Lee Engineering and Management Group, Inc. join to form the Carter Goble Lee Companies, offering criminal justice and public agencies the most unique and comprehensive range of facility services available from one firm. The joining of the four firms creates more than 260 years of combined service experience for corrections, detention, courthouse, public safety, and other mission-critical public facilities.


June 2012 - Hunt Companies, Inc. (“Hunt”), acquires the Carter Goble Lee Companies including their planning, design, program management, facility management, and, development and finance divisions. The newly formed company re-organized and consolidated ownership to form CGL Management Group, LLC ("CGL").

July 2012 - Hunt acquires Robert Glass and Associates, a leading provider of consultant services in the areas of criminal justice, building security, and planning. This acquisition bolster's CGL's existing expertise in social infrastructure and public facilities development and management.