Fulton County.

Local Experts. National Leaders.

At CGL, our core business is focused on planning, designing and maintaining detention facilities similar to Fulton County throughout the U.S.

As the leading provider of contracted facilities management solutions for justice owners, we believe our team is best suited to support Fulton County’s maintenance goals by providing Local Experts and National Leaders to create a seamless partnership with you and your staff.

CGL’s Jail Maintenance Experience at a Glance:

  • Currently managing South Fulton Municipal Regional Jail
  • More than 940,000 work orders completed in jails and prisons since 2016
  • More than 1,000,000 man-hours of work performed
  • More than More than 10 million square feet of justice facilities maintained in America – more than any other provider
  • 28 years providing facility maintenance services to secure justice and detention facilities
  • 3.6 million square feet of large urban jails maintained
  • CGL is the exclusive holder of the State of Georgia Department of Administrative Services Statewide Maintenance Contract

Our Approach to Delivering Holistic Facility Maintenance Solutions to Fulton County

Strategy #1

Provide Market-leading jail facility maintenance on a daily basis with managers and technicians familiar with the jail building type.

Our staffing structure is based on our knowledge of similar jail systems, our familiarity with Fulton County’s jails, our knowledge of the American Correctional Association’s Performance-Based Standards and Expected Practices for Adult Correctional Institutions (5th edition), and our understanding of how to provide best-value service to Fulton County.

Our proposed staffing plan for Fulton County includes:

16 technicians and managers at the Main Jail


2 technicians at the South Fulton Jail


1 CMMS administrator

Benefits to Fulton County:

  • Trust that CGL will take care of the buildings and their users
  • Consistent on-site staff who are licensed and trained to work in correction environments

Meet Our Team

Strategy #2

Perform a thorough operational study, including a facility conditions assessment, to fully understand existing conditions and give Fulton County complete facility data.

CGL is the nation’s leading justice facility consulting firm, and our maintenance professionals have support from our nationally recognized detention facility consultants, planners and designers to help develop the best possible maintenance plans for Fulton County.

We work closely with the County to gather specific information based on the following proven methodology:


Benefits to Fulton County:

  • The Operational Study ensures that Fulton County has up-to-date data available to make good decisions
  • The Preventive Maintenance Plan is based on real and documented conditions, not just best practices and average repair schedules
  • Capital improvement plans can be justified with up-to-date information
  • Budget requests are more accurate

Strategy #3

Develop a customized preventive maintenance plan for Fulton county, based on current facility data and our overall experience with jail maintenance, to deliver outstanding day-to-day service that protects long-term operations.

A key component to developing an effective PMP is gaining knowledge of the facility’s equipment, comprehensive CMMS data management, and continuous communication with Fulton County personnel.

CGL establishes monthly preventive maintenance schedules based on critical priority of equipment and systems to facility operation.










Financially Responsible

Benefits to Fulton County:

  • Better accountability and transparency
  • Uninterrupted operation
  • Managed conditions of confinement
  • Positive effect on inmate morale
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Improved safety and reliability

Strategy #4

Leverage technology to improve service delivery.

Today, technology is essential to effective facility maintenance and having an accurate and usable CMMS is key. We leverage CMMS data to provide true strategic analysis of Fulton County Jail maintenance operations and work closely with Fulton County to define the key performance indicators, track and deliver these performance measures, and increase the system’s value exponentially.

Introducing CGL Mobile Mind, an exclusive CGL value-add offering to track critical facility information and share training resources.

CGL Mobile Mind is an app-based resource tool that provides technicians with quick access to institutional facility knowledge, including:

  • Equipment Locations
  • Emergency Cut-off Locations
  • Lock-out/Tag-out Procedures
  • Fulton County-Specific Equipment Training
  • Emergency Response Procedures

MobileMind allows CGL’s technicians to have instant institutional knowledge of the Fulton County Jail, ensuring:


Benefits to Fulton County:

  • More efficient service delivery
  • Better communication
  • Ready for any maintenance situation from day one

Strategy #5

Deliver consistent and reliable jail maintenance services.

Our primary responsibility is to keep Fulton County’s Jails in top condition by performing all preventive, and life cycle maintenance tasks and responding quickly to unscheduled work requests.

For every issue, we respond quickly to resolve the problem, ensuring Fulton County has accurate preventive maintenance schedules and receives 100% of the required preventive maintenance as scheduled.

Below are sample Report Cards that document our proven and successful service delivery model. CGL prepares for these our clients on a monthly basis.

Additional Resources for Fulton County: