An in-depth exploration of how the justice industry will continue to be shaped in the short and long term.


CGL’s justice experts discuss the patterns and insights on how the justice industry is being impacted by the current climate.

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Managing with New Rules

States and municipalities are facing new pressures to reduce their populations while maintaining the safety of staff, inmates, and the public. In this webinar, population management experts identify the current national justice trends they are seeing and explore future opportunities for local and state correctional systems.


Listen to our latest episodes of the 360 Justice Podcast where national justice leaders sit down to talk about how they are solving some of the most complex social infrastructure issues.

Analyzing the Future of Rehabilitation with Former ACA President Gary Mohr

This episode of 360 Justice features Eli Gage and Ken McGinnis talking to Gary Mohr, former ACA President and past Director of Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, about the high pressures correctional staff face and their potential risks regarding the criminal justice system. Gary also delves into the rise of the prison population and the move from a punishment-oriented society toward one driven by rehabilitation, which significantly reduces recidivism.
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Planning for the Unknown: Transforming Our Approach to Intake with Maricopa County Deputy Chief Brian Lee

For the criminal justice industry, the COVID-19 pandemic created endless questions that had no answers. As we approach the one-year mark, 360 Justice hosts Eli Gage and Bob Glass sit down a second time with Maricopa County Deputy Chief Brian Lee to discuss his experiences and challenges over the past year and how Maricopa’s new adaptive intake center has allowed the county to meet the fluctuating changes in population intake and release throughout the pandemic.
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Demystifying Progressive P3 Delivery with Rodney Moss

Public Private Partnerships (P3) are one of the fastest-growing alternative delivery methods in the world. In this episode of 360 Justice Podcast, Hunt Companies Senior Vice President Rodney Moss, one of the foremost experts on P3 delivery in the criminal justice industry, joins hosts Eli Gage and Joe Lee to break down the myths that pervade progressive P3 and the benefits that make it an ideal delivery method for projects all across the industry.
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59% of America’s state correctional facilities are aging beyond repair. As corrections agencies face pressure to cut spending, deferring maintenance could cause irreparable damage to America’s aging prison infrastructure. Download the whitepaper to learn how to reverse the cost of maintenance for your facility.


Eli Gage and colleagues Joe Lee and Bob Glass discuss the overarching factors that lead to today’s maintenance crisis, the resulting adaptations in facility design, and how facilities can apply these changes in the wake of COVID-19.


How will jail design and operations be shaped in the future after COVID-19? In this eBook, our national justice experts demonstrate how jails are becoming smarter, more adaptable, and important centerpieces of their community.


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